While your web site is not a flesh-and-blood team member, it does holds great value for your business in terms of sales and marketing. If you think how valuable an effective and well placed employee can be, then you should consider a WordPress web site as the best sales and marketing person you will ever get, and the most cost effective.

Here’s what a good looking WordPress site can do for you:

  • Make An Impression: It doesn’t matter if your business exists online or has actual premises, your website is usually the first “face” your customers and prospects see, so it’s important to make a good impression.
  • Be Visible: A well-established site gives people the opportunity to meet you before they decide to work with or purchase from you. If you don’t have a website, then you’re allowing their opinion of you to be formulated based on the opinion of others through business review sites and social media commentary. Running your business from a Facebook page just doesn’t cut the mustard.
  • Be Available: Your site provides information and promotes your business 24/7, it’s a hard worker.  Customers can browse key information about your business at their leisure, and using any device.  It’s essential your site is responsive, the majority of browsers are using mobile and tablet devices, so your site needs to be optimal for those.
  • Generate Leads: When a website is done right, it can help to convert leads with the appropriate call to action.  You can decide what you want those actions to be, for example: a contact form submission or a sign up to your newsletter or blog.
  • Invent Your Brand: your website can help to establish, and bolster your brand’s identity.  Every business has a brand, even if it’s just your logo, a set of colours and a simple tagline.

A WordPress site offers you an easy-to-use platform, essential for every business owner.  A good looking, well-thought-out, and carefully maintained website can help to establish a positive opinion of your business before anyone even decides to communicate with you directly. So what are you waiting for?