Good photography can make a big difference in how your potential clients will perceive your business, and your level of professionalism.  If you are a small business owner and are using images of people on your website who aren’t you or your client, have a think about what this says about your business.  Having amazing images that represent your brand is so important and really makes your site stand out from the crowd.

I often use Rugby photographer Annie Johnston who does great branding packages and is a joy to work with.  Read more about Annie here.

For a small investment having your own photography will pay dividends

  • It builds trust in you and your brand
  • It is a more honest approach into who you are and who you work with
  • You avoid that ‘stock photo’ website feel
  • You will get a wide variety of images to use across your website with the right tone and feel

Have your photographer take a range of shots, and consider the following


  • Pick a location that speaks to you and your client, avoid that white wall and marble background
  • Mentally prepare yourself for the photoshoot – you need to be as relaxed as possible
  • Have your wardrobe (makeup and hair) details flushed out at least a week before the shoot is scheduled to take place.
  • You want to seem natural, approachable, confident so spend some time getting into that mindset, so your photos showcase your most authentic self
  • Bring your partner, your kids or friends to make you laugh and chat with you during the shoot, the results from these moments are priceless

Image Types

  • Have a variety of images taken for maximum return on your investment
  • Go beyond the traditional headshot
  • Candid photos can work really well and still look professional
  • Include individual head shots as well as grouped shots
  • Images that can be used on banners are essential for a website
  • Images that work well when closely cropped into circles or squares are great
  • Have some shots taken with you as the focus with a lot of other detail in the image so they can be cropped for use as thinner banners
  • Images that are going to work well on the phone are essential, so nice close groupings are needed


  • Pick a place with an interesting background
  • Consider outdoors and indoors, it doesn’t all need to be ‘at the desk’
  • Working from home images can look fantastic as well as parks and cafe’s (ask owners permission)
  • Blurred backgrounds can work really well
  • Shots with you as the focus of the image on the right or left allows for a great text overlay area on your website
  • Holding something in front of you like a folder or a computer can work really well in context

Shots With Others

  • Rope your friends in if necessary
  • It doesn’t have to be formal
  • Other people/places out of focus in the background can work really well
  • Have a few action shots, of you talking to others, presenting or whatever fits best with your business
  • In a group shots vary the composition so that you have a good selection to choose from

Use Of Colour & Props

  • Wear clothing that fits in with your brand, select things that tone well
  • Don’t be afraid to wear colour and pattern, it can really lift a shot
  • If you can change or amend your outfit this can give a wider variety of images
  • Use props, think about your typical day, whether that’s your blender, laptop, or a clipboard for client notes
  • Bring personal items that show up in your day, like your favourite mug to sip tea from and choose flowers and other decorations that fit your brand and its colours