WordPress software maintenance is the routine upgrade of your site software, including:

> WordPress core
> Theme
> Plugins

A maintenance contract gives you peace of mind that your site is up to date, essential for both site security and function of your site.  Software updates ensure that your site functions correctly and is as secure as possible.

Leaving the essential security updates incomplete can lead to loss of functionality and serious security breaches which can result in a corrupt site, loss of data or the injection of malicious code.

We have several plans available, so you can select the one which fit’s your budget and needs.  All plans are for a minimum of 12 months.


Peace Of Mind

Your site will be added to our monitoring system, and the updates ensure that your site is secure.


The standard minimum 1 hour fee of is not applicable, and work is done on a timesheet.


Work is completed with a preferential client discount on current fees.


Sites without software updates and security patches are as high risk from being hacked.  We’ve had to deal with a few over the years and all of them from clients who were taking care of their own updates, and then failing to do them.

Restoring a hacked site isn’t straighforward and can lead to your domain name being blacklisted, so please plan your updates carefully or let us do them for you.


All of our sites on maintenance contracts are monitored, so we are aware of the status of your site at any given time.


All clients on maintenance can take advantage of a free annual site review, available on request.


As an additional security layer is important for all sites to be using an SSL certificate and the https secure web protocol READ MORE.

> Free update to a secure site with ‘padlock’ (SSL & https) if your site has an SSL certificate available.

(For clients hosted at Encode, the SSL certificate is free of charge, on other hosts we need to check if you have SSL available)

PRICING – pricing listed is for standard sites, if your site is large or has a complex plugin or theme then contact me.


We request that all clients who are asking for ad-hoc work to be carried out to have a maintenance contract in place to ensure that all software is up to date.  We cannot work on out of date sites.

Why You Need Software To Be Up To Date

Your WordPress site is composed of WordPress, a theme, and a set of plugins all of which are being continually updated by the software authors.  Software updates are as follows:

  • Maintenance releases for bugs fixes & features
  • Security releases which are vital for site security

For every WordPress site it’s important to perform consistent WordPress maintenance is to prevent possible security breaches.

Sites which haven’t been updated for over 6 months or more are particularly vunerable, and if you are running an online shop, or taking payments then it’s vital to keep your software up to date.

Web site visitors using Chrome see a warning for web pages loaded without HTTPS, and they are  marked as “not secure”.

Users presented with this warning will be less likely to interact with these sites or trust their content, so it’s vital that site owners not yet using HTTPS have a plan to do so.