Does this sound familiar?

…you have a brilliant product
…it’s priced just right
…your web site analytics are showing that you are getting loads of traffic

Not only that but you’ve been working on your SEO like a demon and you can see that your efforts are paying off because your analytics data shows a real increase in organic traffic over the last few months, plus your page rank is  looking reasonable.

BUT…You still aren’t selling anything.

You have basically done a right blooper, and left your back door wide open while you’ve been putting triple locks on the front door.  What do I mean?  Well while you’ve been worrying about driving as much traffic as possible to your web site by marketing yourself like mad, your home page looks horrible and people are leaving in droves.

Honestly, this happens a lot.  I had a client in today (sorry if you are reading this, and having the ‘oh no, that was me’ moment) for some 1-2-1 SEO training.  Except about half an hour into the session when we’d covered the basics and the intro, and then we started on the existing site review, I had to break the bad news.

It wasn’t the SEO that they had been doing that was the problem. It was the home page.  

They have a beautiful high quality product you can buy online, the shop function works beautifully, the shop images were gorgeous, clear and well proportioned, the products were priced really well and the site is getting loads and loads of traffic.

So that was the good news, because the home page was horrible, it didn’t reflect the high quality product at all, odd font sizes, stretched images, a mix of different coloured text and mix and match spacing.  It just looked cobbled together, and although they had taken advice from other places, probably either no one cared enough to notice or they didn’t want to tell them the cold hard fact that their home page needed an overhaul.

They didn’t need a new website, they just needed to make some simple changes that they could do themselves which I believe will make an enormous difference to their online sales.  I’ve left it with them, you can take a horse to water and all that.

The solution was very simple, and it had nothing to do with search engines, algorithms, meta descriptions or other techie stuff.  So before you launch in at the deep end, think about just having a review of what you’ve got and looking at the bigger picture.  If you would like to book a 1-2-1 site review then contact me and we can book you in and start making your web site really perform as a sales tool.