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“There’s a lot to love about Sarah. Not only is she extremely talented, fun, clever and creative but she takes the time to really understand your business. She works hard to encapsulate your spirit, aesthetic, vibe and ethos within the site. There are limitless possibilities with website creation and Sarah helps you zone in on the right interface and creative. She also works in clever navigations to make websites simple yet really, really effective and the transition to mobile is seamless and works perfectly. I am updating my site all the time and I bloody love it.”
– Emma Spellman


I had free reign on the design for this one, which was really brave of Emma Spellman, owner of social media film company, Oojamaflick.  Its rare for another creative person to give control over to me when it comes to their website.  

The result….a beautifully mininal display of Emma’s most recent work, pared right down to show only a small subset of her amazing portfolio.