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“Working with Sarah on my website was a real joy – I can’t recommend her highly enough.

The process of Sarah building my website was straightforward, quick and exactly what I needed. Sarah took my imagery, copy and brief and ran with it… I knew it was a good sign that from even the first draft of the website, I was blown away by what Sarah had created.

As part of the process, Sarah and I had a full design day together – we reviewed every inch of the website, moved things around, change some images, reworded parts, added different headings. This was so valuable because it meant we got it all completed in a day… if we’d gone back and forth with tweaks, suggestions and questions it could have added weeks to the process. (And one of the things that made the design day work so well was that the first draft Sarah had created for us to work from was of such a high standard.).

Sarah is a great blend of being an awesome person – great fun, bright and breezy and a pleasure to work with – and also absolutely brilliant at what she does. I love my website and loved working with you, thank you Sarah!”

– Emily Dolton

Emily Dolton Ad Strategist

Brochure site with video home page for social media strategist Emily Dolton.

Express site developed in conjunction with the client on an expert WordPress design day.

Find her site online at Emily Dolton.