We are a nation of mobile workers, mobile talkers and mobile surfers. As a business owner with a web site, you need to be certain that your site is mobile friendly if you want it to be effective.

Google state that more searches take place on mobile than desktop.

We search for products and services when we are out with our children, walking the dog, sitting in a cafe, in the car. Anywhere.  The majority of your people viewing your site are using a mobile device, be that a phone, tablet or iPad.  Very few people will view your site using a desktop at full resolution.

Designers describe a site as ‘responsive’, when the design adapts to different browser sizes – so that the content will be resized and rearranged to fit smaller screens. Often older sites ‘shrink to fit’ and you need a magnifying glass to read the text, or you have to swipe the screen from side to side to read the information.

How to check if your site is mobile friendly.

Do this quick check to see if your site is mobile friendly, designed by the clever folks at Google it gives you a result in a few seconds, in a simple to read format.


Quite simply if people can’t use or view your site with ease on a mobile device, you could be losing business.

How your site is ranked by search engines is also dependant on this, so if you are pinching your site on your phone to make the text large enough to read, or swiping it from side to side to read the lines, then it really is time for a new site.