Expert Support

An important part of your site health is the maintenance of your software, updating WordPress, Theme and Plugin files, its essential for both site security and also function.

I like to see those sites still working in years to come, so it is a reminder to keep up with those, and for peace of mind I have a maintenance service available, your site updates are done for you once a month as well as receive other benefits.


Software Updates
£21 per month/£210 annually

With competitors charging between £65-£120 per month for this same service, at’s an absolute steal.

Reasons You Might Want This Service

1. Your website is a valuable tool in your business that you have invested in and want to make sure it is functioning optimally.

2. Software updates keep your site secure. A hacked website is expensive to fix and can cause black listing of your domain.

3. Email, phone and zoom support is available only to maintenance clients.

4. You manage your website in-house and want a trusted partner and WordPress expert to support you.

5. You would like to take advantage of design work, support and training at a rate only offered to maintenance clients.

Your Additional Benefits

1. Security monitoring
2. Preferential hourly rate
3. WordPress support – phone, email and zoom support logged on a timesheet
4. Expert design work –  logged on a timesheet

What About If I Don’t Want A Plan?

For customers without a maintenance plan the services available to you are as follows:

WordPress Support
– Bespoke training tailored to your needs
– More information available here

Expert Design Work
– Minimum half a day
– Software updates mandatory before commencing work

2024 Price List

Day Rate: £640

Standard Clients
– Hourly: £95/minimum 4 hours

Maintenance Clients
– Hourly: £80/minimum 1 hour

Can Do My Own Updates?

Of course and a full guide on how to do that here