Picking a domain name for your business is challenging, the options are limitless so how do you choose?

Here are my top tips

Pick something unique and easy to spell

When you are telling people verbally about your business or they refer you to a friend this makes it easy to remember and spell correctly in the search bar.

I love Mary Poppins as much as anyone and supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.co.uk is a fantastic idea for an at home nanny agency but no one can be bothered to try and spell it twice. You just lost that client before they reached you.

Keep it short and simple

When you add the email address in front of your domain you can end up with a very long email indeed. This will also cause your web designer a headache trying to keep it on one line on a mobile layout.

Trust me, I have been there, trying to fit talkwithalison@alisonstoptipsonsocials.co.uk on one line for a phone layout in a readable font size is a proper problem.

Research the domain name first

Use a private browsing tab and check what other matches you get for that or similar business names.

If your business is called Charlies Chickens and you sell rare breed hens, you don’t want to get mixed up with the other Charlie Chicken outlet in Poole (actual) that sells delicious food.

You get the picture.

Don’t use a hyphen

Later it’s a pain when you want to change it. I know this because I did that, it creates confusion in your email address and I guarantee lots of your email is going to be going to the person who has the same domain as you but without the hypen in it.

Check for matching socials

It’s great when your domain and socials to match up so check their availability first!

Say it out loud!

Make sure when you say it out loud it can’t be confused as something else, and also that it doesn’t inadvertently create any rude words…you’d be amazed at some of the horrible domains I’ve had to persuade clients out of!

Buy now, decide later

Domains are cheap, if you have come up with a a cracker buy it, I can’t tell you how upsetting it is to find a great one, go back and it’s gone and then 6 months later the person who bough it wants to sell it to you for a small fortune.

While you are at it also buy the .co.uk and the .com as you don’t want anyone else picking these up.

If you need help drop me a message!