WooCommerce Express Install

Ecommerce doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive.

Using WordPress and WooCommerce it’s possible to get a small shop up and running in no time.

Starting your ecommerce journey with a small installation selling a small set of your best products is a great way to test the water without a huge investment in terms of time and money.

I’m calling it the ‘Pop Up Shop’, quick and easy to get it going.  Together we can get you online in under 10 days and sometimes even quicker!

If you already have a WordPress site I can add the shop onto that for you.

WooCommerce Express
Pricing from £895


WooCommerce is the number one best selling eCommerce platform for WordPress.

What’s Included?

WooCommerce express installation

WooCommerce Software install and configuration
Link to PayPal for payments or BACS transfer
Addition of 20 sample products (non variable products)
Single cost shipping option
Administration area for order processing
Auto email status notifications

Shop/basket/cart/account pages
Customer account & order history
Packing slip software (basic version)
Menu navigation for your shop
Zoom session to show you how to add your products
Video library access
Secure ‘padlock’ https protocol

What you need to provide

Take images for each of your products
Complete a product spreadsheet we provide

Optional extras

To keep the cost affordable the express package gives the basic install and has everything you will need – but depending on the number of products in your shop or the volume of orders you are expecing, you may need some optional items.  

I’m happy to advise on these, so it’s always good to have a chat before we start.




10 + 7 =

Optional Extras


The basic install is all you need to sell online, but if you have a large number or products, complex products or a lot of orders coming in you may find some of the optional items helpful.


Packing Slips Pro

Allows you to print out multiple packing slips based on date criteria.  Useful if you have a lot of orders. 

Delivery Date Software

You can configure dates for delivery including cut off times and maxium daily order limits.


Customisation Fields

Gives you the ability to add custom fields to your shop for the selection of item type or customisations.

Alternative Payment Types

There are a wide range of other payment gateways including Stripe and WorldPay.


Phone & Skype Support

A new online shop can take a few weeks to get the hang of, I’m available if you need support once your shop is up and running.

Extended Product upload

If you have a lot of products to upload then you can provide me with a spreadsheet and I can get those on for you.


Stock management

Automatically manage your product stock and avoid not being able to fill orders.

discount vouchers

Create coupon codes for basket discounts, fully customisable to a percentage, item, or fixed amount.


You can add on futher post and packing options based on a variety of critera including a free shipping option.

Product image galleries

You can have multiple images per product in customisable product image galleries.

Variable Products

For items that have variable such as size, and colour, fully managed stock and image galleries.

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